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Site Quality Certifications

Our comprehensive range of certifications in Melbourne and Sydney provide a solid foundation for our quality program and quality systems. See below for current site certifications.

SQF – International Food Safety Certification

This certifies us as a business conducting for food safe manufacturing and food safety. Specific areas are food storage and distribution, certified HACCP based food safety plans, and comprehensive quality management systems.


This licence, issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries Food Authority, allows us to process pasteurised dairy products.

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE – Export registered Establishment for Milk powders

This certifies us as an export establishment, for producing and storing dried milk powdered products.

HALAL – Certificate (NSW)

This certification covers receiving and storage of raw materials, manufacturing, packing, labelling, storage, and dispatch of the following products:

  • White sugar

  • Raw sugar

  • Organic sugar

  • Salt sachets

  • Pepper sachets

  • Coffee sachets

  • Cans

  • Tea

  • Sweeteners.


This certification, issued by Australian Certified Organics (ACO), covers repacking of coffee, sugar, sweeteners, and flavours


Our Organic Certification enables us to pack a wide range of products for you.

Environmental Statement

Belpak is committed to pursuing manufacturing practices which minimise the impact the company operation has on the environment.

Belpak will establish and maintain a system which endeavours to:

  • Identify, prevent, control, and minimise adverse environmental impacts whilst retaining product and service performance, quality and safety associated with our operations.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, relevant industry standards or codes of practice.
  • Seek to reduce waste and conserve resources, in particular water and energy and prevent pollution.
  • Train and educate all management and employees so they understand their roles and responsibilities and are given the appropriate skills, competencies and involvement, and have good environmental awareness.
  • Responsibly manage resources and wastes.
  • Work with our contractors, suppliers, employees and customers and participate in relevant industry or other programs to achieve environmental improvements.

For More Information

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